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I automatically unsubscribe you. It's that easy.

I hate spam as much as you and my mission is to rid the world of unwanted advertising. This is a donation to the good of Inbox Zero so there is no cost and no catch. Here's my commitment statement:

  • Provide a free and easy to use way to improve inbox cleanliness.
  • Do not store personal information longer than necessary, and never use it for personal gain.
  • Provide transparency into the code running this service.
  • Use software to unsubscribe with "best effort" quality:
    • This works for emails that have an unsubscribe link in the email, and does not require a login to the service itself (LinkedIn for example).
    • The software follows the link in a simulated browser, fills out the form, and clicks the unsubscribe button.
    • The marketing company may send an email "Confirmed you have unsubscribed." I hate these too, but I can't prevent it.
    • I can't guarantee it will always work, but this service will almost certainly improve your inbox load.

I am a former Google Engineer and current independent software contractor.